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Halloween Foxes Poem

Foxes, foxes coming for you, What the hell you gonna do? I’m not worried, they ain’t coming for me; You on the other hand, you’d better flee. How will you feed your poor cat When the foxes are chewing on … Continue reading

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Exeter Library 2

I wrote a blog about Exeter Library over a year ago. It comprised complaints about their computer service and the lack of maintenance for years. What changed? Nothing. Therefore I will be quoting extensively from my previous blog and adding … Continue reading

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Story I Wrote When I Was Ten 1

This is a Sherlock Holmes spoof/parody that I wrote when I was ten years old. Entitled The Adventure of the Brick in a Sock, it is the earliest story that survived the ravages of age, cats and general soiling in … Continue reading

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Short Story Discovery

I found a cache of short stories that I wrote 25 years ago. I was ten at the time. That awkward period between nine and eleven where existential dreads start roosting in your mind. So I wrote stories to help … Continue reading

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Story Extract Written 22 Years Ago

This is part of a novel or short story that I  wrote when I was thirteen years old. I share it now with no real reason than to entertain. I hope you will enjoy it. Actually I will say something … Continue reading

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Pointlessly Rubbish Poem

I met a man the other day, He had no teeth, they’d all flown away. His teeth had escaped to San Jose, Straight outta his mouth to his dismay. “Damn,” he said. He said, “Dag nabbit!” “Them teeth were just … Continue reading

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