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The problem with life is that people insist that life is better than death. Actually, no, the real problem is that life is full of people. If the world was devoid of humans, it would be much better. But that … Continue reading

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Chicken or Egg?

Egg, chicken, chicken, egg. What came first, the chicken or the egg? I think it is safe to assume that we have all heard of this famous philosophical question, yes? It is meant to be a riddle of sorts, a … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett: My Hero

Last night the laughter died. Terry Pratchett, my literary hero, died yesterday. He was one of this country’s greatest writers. Hell, he was the funniest writer of this country, no, the world. No other author matched his imagination or wit, … Continue reading

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Aversion/Depression Ahoy!

I strive to avoid people that I know. I do not have a problem with what I have done but, being a person who tries to move forward, I just have an aversion for nostalgia. Although, thinking about it, it … Continue reading

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A Female Doctor

Why do people insist on a female Doctor? There is nothing wrong with the Doctor being a woman but I feel that he shouldn’t be a woman simply because he is one of the few male heroes that uses brains … Continue reading

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Presents and Hobbes

I dislike birthdays and being given presents. Is that odd? Quite possibly. I do not know when this abhorrence for gifts came about but I have not celebrated my birthday for close to twenty years (I’m thirty-three now). I guess … Continue reading

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