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Red Riding Hood – A Halloween Tale

Once upon a time in a forest far far away there was… What? How far was it? It was pretty far away. You may have a preconceived notion of what is far and what isn’t but this forest was more … Continue reading

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Rose Unreview

This is the one which rebooted the series by cleverly not rebooting the series whatsoever. This may seem contradictory-wictory, as the Tenth Doctor wouldn’t say, but bear with me. What a lot of Newbie Whovians don’t know or appreciate is … Continue reading

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More Black Than Orange

I wonder what the future holds. Presently I know that my future for the next hour involves sitting next to a girl who smells so much of cheese it is as if the air around her has solidified into stinky … Continue reading

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Smother – a poem

The baseball bat you keep under your bed, And the numerous restraining orders don’t matter. Eventually you will be stone dead. And I will have your head on a platter. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Who … Continue reading

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