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The Woman Who Fell to Earth Unreview

New series, new Doctor, new friends, new aliens. You might expect the series to start whizz-bang-wallop but no, it doesn’t. Understated start with a young man, Ryan Sinclair, vlogging about the most important woman to him. Slight undertones of Love … Continue reading

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Secret Breathing

When it is cold and drizzly, I have to hold my breath in case anyone sees it come out of my mouth. When holding my breath isn’t an option, or at least not an option I can do without fainting … Continue reading

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Wheels of Steal 2: Speedy Thief

I previously wrote a blog entitled Wheels of Steel. It was about this disabled woman who uses her disability to queue-jump. The renown queue-jumping wheelchair user of Exeter. You can read the previous blog here: I wrote the previous … Continue reading

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Wheels of Steal

On more than a few afternoons, I have waited at the bus stop only for this one woman to turn up and jump the queue. What would your response to this be? Mine is to make sure that I get … Continue reading

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ESA Cuts

I feel like I have just been punched in the stomach. Such a feeling of absolute darkness hangs over me. The feeling that everything is getting worse, it is a real feeling. The lack of care and support. The lack … Continue reading

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Dumb and Disability

Today I was in a supermarket, patiently queueing  as all us British do (we are really good at this – Olympic standard), and an elderly woman suddenly decided to try and push her way in front of me. I knew … Continue reading

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