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Doctor Who: Last Christmas unreviewed (spoilers)

This Christmas the Doctor and Clara caught crabs. Oh, and Danny is still dead. What can I say about this episode which hasn’t been better said elsewhere? I consider it one of, if not, the best Christmas special ever. Yes, … Continue reading

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Letter to DWM (2012)

I was going through my emails this morning when I found a letter that I had sent and got printed in Doctor Who Magazine. So I thought I would share the unedited version with y’all today. *** Just read Des … Continue reading

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Raggedy Man: part of something I wrote a few years ago

The raggedy man appeared as if by smoke, his body appearing in half-misty coils swirling in the breeze until the form of a man was dilated into existence within the dusky shadows of the forest. From the mauve of his … Continue reading

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