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Don’t Touch Me

I don’t like to be touched. I can’t say why or when this started but it has been something that I have lived with for twenty or more years since I was 12/13. When I say I don’t like to … Continue reading

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One-Upping: My Stupid Ego

I really dislike people who type fast. The irony is that I am a very fast typist. If somebody is next to me and their fingers are whizzing over the keyboard like a horde of cockroaches tapdancing in a packet … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Awkwardness

Sometimes I find myself reliving certain aspects of my life which are so cringeworthy that I almost would rather die than think about them again. Sadly my brain is in control and uses my emotions as some kind of whipping … Continue reading

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Existence: You Are Here (extended blog)

How do we know if we exist? No, really? How do you know? You may think you exist but you can’t really prove it because your existence may be the figment of someone else’s imagination. This universe could easily be … Continue reading

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I, Victim

Being bullied is not fun. Nor is the affect. That soul-crunching hollow feeling you receive before you go to a certain place where your bully is. That feeling of wanting to run away and never come back. The despair and … Continue reading

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Out of the Closet, Into the Fire

For a long time, I never revealed my sexuality. Not because I was ashamed but because, quite frankly, it was nobody’s business. I am puzzled as to why so many people want to come out. Why? It doesn’t matter. “I’m … Continue reading

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