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Memory Box

It is strange how our earliest memories are so fragmented. It is as if they were torn to pieces by entropy and neglect. I presume this is because our minds are still a little too nebulous at the time to … Continue reading

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Hello, Goodbye

It is an odd thing knowing that your life is finite. Our lives are all alike. No matter how long we may live, we all get the same: we all get a lifetime. Of course we can decide to check … Continue reading

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Blog About Sexuality

Sexuality is a strange thing. I should say that people’s attitudes towards sexuality is strange. It really is. It seems to be a set of double standards. People get hung up on what other people are doing, they complain about … Continue reading

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Letter To My Father (unsent)

I was at a house of a relative when you came by. It is a little weird that only a few days ago that I heard your voice for the first time in over thirty years. I wonder why you … Continue reading

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Dreams of a Hobbes

The other night, I had this dream which consisted merely of me thinking that I was moving into a certain position to go to sleep over and over again. It was if my brain was repeating one dream sequence all … Continue reading

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