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Unthinking Males

Women don’t like doing housework. Now, this is a shock for many men. I only wish I was joking when I say this. At a young age, boys and girls are taught certain things about their place in the universe. … Continue reading

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I, Jackass

For many years I have striven to hide my intelligence. In my experience, people seem to mistrust those that are smarter than them. I should quantify my usage of the word ‘smarter’. It is just the best word that I … Continue reading

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Gay or Lesbian, Lets Call the Whole Thing Off

Gay, straight, lesbian, homosexual, heterosexual, transgender, oh my! Or you can divide it into two: straight and hetero-muggle. But unless you want to be slapped by the whole non-straight community, I wouldn’t advise it. There are plenty of names for … Continue reading

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Secret Squirrel’s Avoidance (plus random poem)

Someone recognised me the other day. Somebody I went to school with, twentyish years ago. This surprised me because I didn’t recognise him. And because he looked so old. Maybe ten years older than me. Not that I am old. … Continue reading

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Mutiny on the Bus

Yes, yet another bus blog. This is a conversation that I overheard between a seven-year-old and what, I presume, was his mother. Might easily have been his granny though. “You’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet!” “No, I haven’t.” … Continue reading

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Wheels of Steal 2: Speedy Thief

I previously wrote a blog entitled Wheels of Steel. It was about this disabled woman who uses her disability to queue-jump. The renown queue-jumping wheelchair user of Exeter. You can read the previous blog here: I wrote the previous … Continue reading

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The Bus of Doctor Moreau

Ah, the joys of bus travel. Well, I say ‘bus’ but it is more like a mobile sauna… Behind me is a peroxide Typhoid Mary coughing up her lungs behind me. I pray that she is holding her hand against … Continue reading

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