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Unthinking Males

Women don’t like doing housework. Now, this is a shock for many men. I only wish I was joking when I say this. At a young age, boys and girls are taught certain things about their place in the universe. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, America’s Folly?

America has voted. And Donald Trump, much to the surprise of America and the world and Donald Trump himself, is President. Yup, Marty McFly failed to get the sports almanac back. So what does it mean? First, shushing all the … Continue reading

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Florida Shooting: Blame Game Ahoy

Every time there is a gun attack, the old arguments are taken out of storage and hung out to dry upon the washing line of social media. Especially if the shooter is Muslim. Yes, I did mangle that opening statement … Continue reading

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“Julie is a social person. And cares about people, can’t be selfish by any measure deemed as criteria. Julie always knew she was a girl to become woman from an early age.” What is it like to be born in … Continue reading

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ESA Cuts

I feel like I have just been punched in the stomach. Such a feeling of absolute darkness hangs over me. The feeling that everything is getting worse, it is a real feeling. The lack of care and support. The lack … Continue reading

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“Islam is Evil” According to Bigots, “Blah Blah Blah!”

Hey, lets go and hate an entire religion because a few members are terrorists! What? You aren’t simpletons? You don’t think an entire religion should be blamed for the actions of this small group? That sounds like lefty talk to … Continue reading

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Speed Freaks

Why do people who break the speed limit complain so much? Recently one of the main tabloid newspapers has been highlighting the plight of poor honest criminals who are forced to pay fines for speeding. Apparently they believe that the … Continue reading

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