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Stranger in a Strange Land

I have never felt like a member of the human race. I feel apart from it. It is as if there were some gulf between me and everybody else. But that is alright. That is more than OK. From what … Continue reading

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The Mind Robber Unreview

Escaping lava, as you do, the TARDIS arrives in the Land of Fiction. Oh, and then it blows up. The TARDIS that is. All in all, not a good start. First of all, let me warn you, despite being called … Continue reading

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“Julie is a social person. And cares about people, can’t be selfish by any measure deemed as criteria. Julie always knew she was a girl to become woman from an early age.” What is it like to be born in … Continue reading

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I avoid people. Especially people I know. I also avoid people I don’t know but that is not the focus of this blog. If I see somebody I know, I have been known to duck into alleys, turn around and … Continue reading

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Chugga-Chugga-Chugga Goes the Bus

I wonder why people feel the need to get on a bus and sit right behind me when there is nobody else but me on the bus? Why do people do that? This is a bugbear that I have. What … Continue reading

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The Stones of Blood Unreview

The Rolling Stones become vampires. Of course not! Although it would explain a great deal about the band. But no, this is really about Stonehengesque stones that drink blood. Really. The Doctor and Romana are looking for the third piece … Continue reading

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Exeter Library

This is a time when most libraries are facing cuts. No library is safe, well, mostly. The library that I go to, Exeter Library, is facing these cuts too. They’ve got rid of some of their paid staff and replaced … Continue reading

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