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The Pyramid at the End of the World Unreview

His name is Peter S. Harness Esquire and his name is Steven ‘Theodore’ Moffat and together they are Wyld Stallions! Oh, and when they aren’t on tour, they wrote this episode which is part two of what the fans are … Continue reading

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The Last Pratchett

Today I went to Waterstones and purchased the last Terry Pratchett book, The Shepherd’s Crown. I might as well have gone there for a book with photographs of dead kittens. It is odd. This book will be great (he always … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett: My Hero

Last night the laughter died. Terry Pratchett, my literary hero, died yesterday. He was one of this country’s greatest writers. Hell, he was the funniest writer of this country, no, the world. No other author matched his imagination or wit, … Continue reading

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