Donald Trump, America’s Folly?

America has voted. And Donald Trump, much to the surprise of America and the world and Donald Trump himself, is President. Yup, Marty McFly failed to get the sports almanac back. So what does it mean?

First, shushing all the people who mention the inconvenient truth that Hillary won the popular vote.

Secondly, judging by social media, more Republicans calling people ‘cuck’ and ‘libtard’ for merely saying they dislike him. Really, it is mostly wall-to-wall name-calling. I didn’t vote for Hillary but even I get these names throw at me. Not that I am overly bothered.

But let us look at what he promised. Can Donald Trump deliver on his promises? Erm, maybe. Although he hasn’t done so on his promise to show his tax returns but you never know, right? There is a very real chance that Donald Trump might show us his tax returns in the next eight years. Oh, and that pigs might learn to fly.

I know people will say that the IRS won’t allow him to reveal his tax returns. But the head honcho of the IRS said that there was no problem whatsoever. Who are you gonna trust? A man who got into his position by being honest and accurate or the guy whose pants are on fire 24/7?

So. Has he actually promised anything? He has been very vague but there have been some nuggets of policy amongst the insults and the paranoia. Not much but a little.

Can he lower taxes? Yes, he can. But it would make the budget deficit unlikely to be resolved. Unless he took money from somewhere else like the military for example. But that is pretty damn unlikely as well. So Trump probably won’t be lowering taxes in any meaningful way.

Obamacare. Will he get rid of that? Probably not. What would he replace it with? The old system where the thousands, currently enjoying the basic right of medical care, would find themselves without medical help? Please note that most of these people voted for Donald Trump. You may not like paying for poor people to have medical care but it is a poor thing to insult those who need it.

Feed those who can’t feed themselves, heal those that can’t can’t afford to be healed. If you forget that, you forget your humanity. In this economy anyone could find themselves in need.

Will he build a wall on the Mexican border and then make the Mexicans pay for it? Well, he could build the wall but how would he make the Mexicans pay for it? If you built a wall around your property, could you make your neighbour pay for it? Not a chance.

Trade tariffs? Yup, he could slap a load of those on countries like China or Japan but that would have a massive effect on the American public. Those electrical goods you all own, them things have plenty of parts from our Oriental friends. So that would jack up the prices of phones, televisions, DVD players, vibrators and microwave ovens. So the poor people, the Trump voters, get screwed.

Stop Muslims entering the country? Yes, possible but imagine the hoo-hah about that. Why so focused on a small amount of terrorists when America has plenty of mom-and-pop terrorists shooting up schools/colleges every month of the year (except during the summer holidays when these people shoot up shopping malls and cinemas instead). Sure, you want to stop the chances of IS terrorists entering but at the cost of tarring an entire group of people with the same brush? Remember what it says on the Statue of Liberty?

People voted for Trump because they were tired of being lied to by the elite. So what do they do, they vote for a billionaire who if he had a swear jar would now have enough to stock a few large warehouses. Donald Trump has been lying for years. Then again, all politicians lie. Trump will just be fitting into a round hole like a round peg.

Incidentally, are billionaires not part of the elite? Or are they just seen as being regular guys who just happen to be able to afford your assassination by armies of trained attack-squirrels?

They also voted for him because they think he will run America like one of his businesses. How many time has he become bankrupt or been sued because of business practices?

I mentioned his paranoia. Yes, he is paranoid, yes he is. Before the results came in, he must have used the word ‘rigged’ or fixed’ in every other sentence. After the results, none of those words will ever leave his lips again unless he buys a pirate ship or needs a plumber. Funny how he doesn’t think there is a huge conspiracy now, isn’t it?

He wasn’t paranoid about the media being out to get him but then the media tend to focus on people who insult their way through the human population of America. Just one of those things.

People excused his grabbing of pussy, his racial slurs and his gropey drooling over women as being part of his personality and therefore not important to running the country. These same people would then attack Bill Clinton for exactly the same things they excused Donnie for.

Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again. But when was it last great? During the time of the slaves, the civil war, prohibition, the great depression or that period where the Native Americans were being forced into reservations so a bunch of immigrants could take their land? America is a wonderful place but I suspect that the only time it was truly great was before the humans arrived.

While the election was going on, more than a few people were crowing about how Trump would make America good for the white people again. Which is just a staggering thought given that the poorest people in American don’t tend to be the paler shades of folks. But not all Trump supporters are racist. Just a higher number than most reasonable people might wish for.

Just to reiterate, I did not vote for Hillary. I didn’t vote for Trump either. Both were as bad as each other. Hillary had the advantage that she looks better in a dress than Donald but that isn’t exactly a reason to vote for her.

Hillary Clinton’s problem was her long association with Bill and her long history in politics. Oh, and them pesky emails on the private server. Just think of all those pictures of cute kittens she must have emailed to others.

It doesn’t matter now. Trump’s victory will prove to be a Pyrrhic victory for the American public. All we can do is hope for is that he can actually help every person, as he promised, in America.


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