Wheels of Steal 2: Speedy Thief

I previously wrote a blog entitled Wheels of Steel. It was about this disabled woman who uses her disability to queue-jump. The renown queue-jumping wheelchair user of Exeter.

You can read the previous blog here: https://greebohobbes.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/wheels-of-steal/

I wrote the previous blog feeling that I was an absolute ass. I wondered if I would be accused of committing a hate-crime for being disgruntled about this woman. But I don’t hate disabled people. I just hate selfish people.

Anyhow, this is an ill-mannered woman in a wheelchair who assumes that because she is disabled that she can just jump any queue she is in and usurp it. Which is a terrible thing because any member of the queue would willingly allow her to go first if she just meekly joined the queue. But instead, no sir, she just barges her way to the head of the queue.

Assuming that you read the previous blog, I’ll carry on with the latest report on this thief.

At the bus stop, I was waiting. Queue of twenty people ahead of me. Fine. The bus was late so I was planning on taking the next bus which would get me home a minute after the first bus. Hopefully.

Then she appears. Chubby middle-aged woman, curly black hair with grey wisps. Takes her place at what she assumes will be the head of the queue.

In the past, when she has tried to pull her stunt, I have thwarted her. My eyesight is great with long distances so I can easily get in position before her. If the bus arrives after another bus does, I can calmly walk ahead and block the pavement so she can’t cheat. It gives me a small sense of satisfaction. I would do it to anyone whom I see trying to buck the queue.

She left after five minutes though. I thought she must have forgotten something but no. She was further up the road looking for the bus. Five buses appear and she comes tearing down the pavement and coming to a rest beside me again. None of the buses were the bus she wanted. I had to stop myself from laughing because this was getting to be pathetic.

When the bus finally arrives she zooms forward, people jumping out of her way, and rolling regally like the queen of selfishness that she is.

I watched this, amused because I knew that the next bus would be on time and that it would get me home as quick as the bus the queue-jumper wanted.

It is like I said earlier though, if she waited patiently she would have been asked if she wanted to go first. While some people can be selfish themselves and not allow a disabled person first onto a bus or whatever, there are a lot more kind people who would bend over backwards to be kind to her.

Hell, I am one of those people too. I often let disabled people or elderly people or young mothers with baby buggies on first. It is just the right thing to do.


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