Hello, Goodbye/Goodbye, Hello!

Hello, goodbye!

Dying is such an awfully big adventure.

So is travelling on a train straight down to Hell.

Is there a point to this blog? Or life?


Not really.

Life is just something we do before we can return to the blackness.

I wish this all would end, ’tis true but…sigh.

I feel like all my hope vanished yesterday and that there was nothing worth living for. An iron door clanged shut and the light was cut off. Darkness. Despair. Evermore and forever.

The truth is that I am not sure that I can cope. That I am not strong enough on my own. I just wish I wasn’t here. It is like I am drowning in the ruins of my world.

I can practically hear the whetted knive caws of crows circling as I sit here.

I hate all this. I don’t want this. I refuse this.

Stupid life with all those other biological entities.

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to grab your coats as you leave and the last one to leave? Please turn the lights out. Last left is a rotten egg, yah boo sucks to you!

Goodbye, hello!


About greebohobbes

All-round irritant, expert swordsman (loves lopping off the heads of ghouls), professional charlatan and outrageous wearer of black cocktail dresses...
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