Silver and Bronze: token Olympic blog

Warning: this blog contains a lot of sarcasm.

I wonder why athletes seem so pleased when they win a silver or bronze medal?

Do they not realise that they have lost?

Whenever the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games is happening, we see wall-to-wall coverage of athletes being lauded for losing. They go on TV and are fawned upon by the presenters.

I say: enough!

Yes, I get that they train for long hours and can do more than what I can (physically at least) but there is no excuse for being self-congratulatory just because you are better at losing than the people who didn’t get medals.

I am not sure if this is true or not, but the only reason why we have silver and bronze is so that other countries don’t feel left out if they don’t manage to win first place. It gives them a fake sense of accomplishment. Perhaps they thought other countries wouldn’t take part unless they were awarded something?

Yes, they are accomplished athletes but getting a silver or bronze should only be a spur into trying harder to win a gold next time.

Why is it referred to as winning a bronze/silver? They didn’t win. They lost and then they were given a medal to commorate not winning. Gah!

Gold medallists are welcomed when they step off the aeroplane, they get ticker-tape parades through their home towns, they have post-boxes painted gold in their honour. But so do the silver and bronze medallists! They shouldn’t be cheered at, they should be booed and hissed when they step off the aeroplane. They should be given a ticker-tapeworm parade. They should have to skulk through backstreets trying to avoid the angry mobs armed with placards saying “You suck!”, “My Grandma could have won and she has been dead for 30 years!” or “You bloody twit!”

Instead of an open-top bus, they should be tied to wooden stakes and have tomatoes and rotten eggs thrown at them. How dare they lose and come home like Mr Cat the cat coming back to Cat City after discovering an ocean of milk!

Freedom of the city? Freedom of the sewers would be more appropriate.

Ahem… I should reiterate that I am being overly sarcastic with this blog.

It is annoying when you see the athletes before the games saying that they are aiming for a silver or a bronze, why? Why bother taking part if your highest expectation is to lose? Call the event off and just award the gold to whomever you think might have won. Why put us through the trouble of having to watch someone strive to lose?

Yes, well done. You are mediocre athletes but, hey, at least you have a shiny thing to impress people and magpies with.

If you applied for a job and you lose out because one person was slightly better than you, you wouldn’t think that a good thing. So why congratulate someone for losing?

Putting on my serious hat now… Either they should only award gold medals or, and this is the idea I like, award medals to all of the athletes taking part. That way, all the athletes get to win for a given value of ‘win’. Imagine someone winning a paper medal. Wouldn’t that be glorious? Well, as long as they didn’t fall into the pool that is…

Erm, that is it. Rant over.

In case you hadn’t realised (despite me saying so twice) my cheek was completely in my cheek when I was writing this.


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