Florida Shooting: Blame Game Ahoy

Every time there is a gun attack, the old arguments are taken out of storage and hung out to dry upon the washing line of social media. Especially if the shooter is Muslim.

Yes, I did mangle that opening statement but it makes sense. Just.

And, yes, I am talking about the idiot who massacred all those innocent people in Florida.

First of all, I do not condone the actions of this nut. Secondly, yes, it WAS a terrorist attack in the same way that EVERY mass shooting is a terrorist attack.

Let me start on the first few arguments involving guns:

Guns save lives and we must all be allowed to own guns because it is in the Constitution Just because it is in the Constitution, it doesn’t mean that you should own a gun. If it said that all Americans had the right to wear armour made from wasp skins, would anyone really fight for their right to own a suit of bee-skin armour? I think not. Yes, that is a silly argument but I am reducing it down to this level to point pout the silliness of people thinking that guns are a necessary thing.

Guns are just a tool, therefore they should not be blamed. Knives are also a tool but none of you have ever heard of a lone knifeman going into a nightclub and stabbing fifty people to death, have you?

Guns save lives. Do they? I am sure the many hundreds of innocent people shot dead would argue otherwise. If guns saved lives, doctors would get rid of medicine and just shoot cancer patients well again. “Mr Simpson, I recommend a bullet to the stomach three times a day. Your cancer should disappear within eighteen to twenty bullets”. Again, yes, I am being facetious but it is a good point. Let me state it in a more serious way: if guns saved people, why do so many criminals ignore the threat/deterrent of police with guns? All gun ownership does, is force the criminals to own guns to deal with the police who also have guns.

But the main problem with guns is this: you cannot ban guns. Even if the President tried to ban all guns, nothing would happen. Well, not ‘nothing’ exactly. The black market for guns would soar overnight as criminals and gun enthusiasts all flocked to the bad side of the tracks for a bit of greasy gun action. The genie is out of the bottle and cannot be tricked back into it. So what is the solution? Stricter gun ownership laws would be a great way to move forward.

I personally like guns but when you hear about the almost constant mass shootings, it takes the fun out of it. Guns need to be controlled with an iron fist. If not, this type of thing will continue to happen.

OK… Gun rant over. Time for the next rant.

Islam, Muslims. The Big Evil if you believe the words of certain people. In truth, Muslims are no more evil than anyone else but nowadays they are the whipping boys. It used to be the Germans or the Russians but now it is the turn of those that worship Allah. So let me deal with the arguments against Muslims.

A small group of Muslims are terrorists, therefore all Muslims are terrorists. Really? I am not sure if I even need to argue against this since it is clearly a load of dreck.

You might as well say these things:

A small group of Americans are vegetarians, therefore all Americans are vegetarians.

A small group of Americans are Native Americans, therefore all Americans are Native Americans.

A small group of Americans are murderers , therefore all Americans are murderers.

A small group of Americans are gay, therefore all Americans are gay.

A small group of animals in America are cats , therefore all American animals are cats.

A small group of items in American supermarkets are tampons, therefore all items in American supermarkets are tampons.

This is the exact same logic but phrased in a way to highlight the sheer absurdity of it. The only thing that makes a human being bad is the fact that they are a human being.

Sure, Islamic State is a problem but not all Muslims are problems. Just the ones that support IS. Alienating Muslims for the actions of a small minority is not the way forward. But what is the way forward? I have no idea. A better way of combating the people who brainwash young Muslims, that’d be a good start. Uniting against the real threat, that would be good too.

We are all human.


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