WipeHomophobia: Bullies

Normally I wouldn’t do this but a friend of mine was attacked by Twitter feed @WipeHomophobia, a site owned by STOP-Homophobia.com.

The aims of the group are perfectly laudable. They are to be praised for their actions in helping those people who are bullied or hurt simply because of their sexual orientation.

Sadly, they are hypocritical in their dealings with people who dare to have an opinion different from their own or those that they deem ‘stupid’ for not understanding.

They did this the other day. They called my friend an ‘asshole’ and then blocked her:

People responded to Karen’s original tweet thus:

“That’s a shameful way to speak to someone who has been one of the most ardent supporters of LGBT rights.”

“you an apology and thanks for the support. Without people like you, they wouldn’t have 200k followers”

“This is not an acceptable response from an account which should know much better than this. Disappointing.”

And how did @WipeHomophobia respond? Did the anti-bully organisation apologise for bullying. Did they hell!

“to unfollow click un follow”

Oh, and the bullies blocked everyone who defended her. Unprofessional indeed. But do you think that was bad? There is more.

I wrote a tweet saying that it was odd how they were rude to insult someone who has supported and defended their group for years. @WipeHomophobia responded:

“you are confusing rude with stating the obvious, to un follow click unfollow.”

Good tweet, again I sent a tweet with a screenshot of their insult of my friend. They responded:

“some people are just too stupid to see what is in front of them, we need fewer of those.”

@WipeHomophobia are out to stop bullies from attacking those of gay/lesbian/trans etc but when it comes to their own supporters, they simply called them “assholes” and block them. These people are nothing but cretins who think it is acceptable to insult and verbally abuse their supporters.

Oh, you won’t be surprised to know that @WipeHomophobia blocked me as well, another supporter of their cause.

Give a slow sarcastic applause to these cretins who think that they can insult and abuse their supporters for being, in their supreme and godly eyes, “stupid” or “assholes”.

These people should be ashamed of themselves for their actions. Practice what you preach and stop bullying. What a bunch of clowns!





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2 Responses to WipeHomophobia: Bullies

  1. anniebaruah says:

    Visit this post https://justlikethat101.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/raise-your-voice-before-its-too-late/
    There is a small message for victims suffering for cyberbulling. Hope I will receive your support. 🙂


  2. This post was retweeted into my timeline, and as a friend of the person in question, I am utterly disgusted that an organisation claining to promote acceptance would treat someone, particularly one who has been a most ardent and a vocal advocate of LGBT rights.

    I have written them an email, although, perhaps unsurprisingly, it has gone on unanswered. Their attitude is absolutely disgraceful and cannot and will not be tolerated. Thank you for such an erudite exposition of this “organisation” and the cruel and cavalier manner in which they treat their supporters. A very nicely written piece, although it is sad that it was necessary to write such a piece to begin with.


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