The Wrath of the Phone Charger

The phone charger hates me. So does my phone. Most of the gadgets I own show apathy towards me but my phone and charger go past apathy and actively seek to bring my doom down on top of me.

I’d be happy if the phone charger showed indifference to me rather than full-blown apathy.

I know the phone charger is in cahoots with the phone. This is why the phone will tell me, a minute after I start charging it, that it is full of power despite the fact that there is no possible way it could be unless it has somehow harnessed the winter storms to refuel the battery. I think not, Nokia phone!

The charger merely stops charging for no reason upon the earth. It has no tricks except for that one. It loves that trick.

So I am now reduced to watching over the phone as it charges, waiting for that beep to tell me that it has stopped or that it is full when it isn’t full. I hear no beep, I get dresses with my ears pricked for any kind of beeping that the phone might surreptitiously emit. I hear no beep, I judge it safe and I go downstairs.

The fun happens when I get back. Nine times out of ten, it is fine. No tricks, some power has entered the phone. But that tenth time is annoying because I am reduced to taking my no-frills phone out with me while the proper phone laughs at me from the comforts (hah!) of home.

Not much I can do unless I fork out money to buy a new charger. But that would be admitting defeat and I will never allow an appliance to win.


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All-round irritant, expert swordsman (loves lopping off the heads of ghouls), professional charlatan and outrageous wearer of black cocktail dresses...
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