Five for Fishes

I was preparing to get off the bus yesterday when an elderly woman mumbled something incoherently at me.

Being polite, I asked what she was talking about.

She pointed at something underneath one of the seats. I looked and found what she was pointing at. A five pence coin. I picked it up and handed it to her, thinking that she had dropped it, but she waves her hands at me. “I don’t want it,” she says like I have just tried to hand her a poisonous snake. “You keep it for luck.”

Suffice to say, I was underwhelmed by this.

Getting off the bus, I wondered why she felt it so necessary that I should know of this coin. Silly old bat, I thought.

A few meters from the bus stop, I threw the five pence piece into the river.

Let the fishes have my luck.


About greebohobbes

All-round irritant, expert swordsman (loves lopping off the heads of ghouls), professional charlatan and outrageous wearer of black cocktail dresses...
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