Speed Freaks

Why do people who break the speed limit complain so much?

Recently one of the main tabloid newspapers has been highlighting the plight of poor honest criminals who are forced to pay fines for speeding. Apparently they believe that the local councils are using speed cameras as a way of making money off people who break the law. Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

This may sound awfully naive but if you don’t want to pay a huge fine, don’t speed. Yes, I know, this is a revolutionary concept, right? Instead of breaking the law, try NOT breaking the law. Wow, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? I should patent this idea, I could be rich, rich, I tell ya!

Ahem! *gains self-control*

Another complaint is that the speed cameras are too sneaky. Hidden in tractors or in places where you can’t see them. The word often used here is ‘devious’. Ironically none of these complainers use the word ‘devious’ about a driver who sees a speed camera and slows down until he is out of sight of it before speeding up again. No, that isn’t devious. That is a case of being clever and not letting the man grind you down. It is perfectly fine of a driver to obey the law when he knows he is being watched but it isn’t fine for the speed cameras to catch him breaking the law when he does not see the camera. Yes, quite.

Again, if you don’t want to pay a huge fine, just don’t speed. It really is as simple as that.

Another bugbear about this is the alternative option. In the UK, some speeders can choose between a fine or lessons about not speeding. Most of them take the latter option. How can people complain about that? Indeed, if you have to ask that, then you have no idea of the human capacity to complain. The problem about the speed awareness course is that the people running the courses are making a helluva lot of money of it. This, of course, isn’t the fault of the criminals who choose to take the course but the government for allowing the courses to be run so expensively. How dare they! Of course, the government could just get rid of the courses and force the speed criminals to pay the fine. Or the criminals could just choose not to break the law…

If you choose the fine but don’t pay it, the fine goes up. This may seem like commonsense to me but to them? No. This is just another way of councils using the fines as a stealth tax. As the young people say, whatevs! Seriously, what are they complaining? It isn’t as if they are not aware of the penalties or the speed limits. Nearly every road in England has a sign mentioning the speed limit and even if they hadn’t, knowing the speed limits is part of the Highway Code! You literally cannot pass your driving test without knowing the speed limits. Please note that this is the correct usage of the word ‘literally’.

The fine is high for a reason. It is meant to be a deterrent. Just because these people are so stupid as to keep on breaking the speed limits, it doesn’t make the fine a secret tax on honest motorists. Breaking the 20mph limit can kill. And yet the whiners keep on whining. Yeah, no sympathy for them. If you don’t want to be out of pocket, don’t break the speed limit!


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