Luvverly Treats, Not

The other day I was waiting in a queue, patiently wondering why the hell the store doesn’t employ more checkout assistants, when a man behind spoke to his whining children.

“Don’t I spoil you enough?” he said in exasperated tones. “I did make you baked beans on toast, didn’t I?”

To which I silently thought, “What? Beans on toast a treat?”

I then thought, “If beans on toast is a treat, then what do these poor kids get normally? Twigs? Pebbles served upon leaves?”

A few days later, I was watching the early morning news when this nutritionist seriously suggested that “your five-year-old might like to swap their cola drinks for a glass of water.”

What post-toddler would want water instead of something sweet? That would be none. A big fat zero!

I agree that sugary drinks are a bad thing but to recommend water as an alternative is beyond rational thought. It is looney tunes!

Off on a tangent…

I head a joke yesterday. Do you want to hear it? No, good then I will tell it…

Bird flu is not just an illness, it is also a pun.

*tumbleweed drifts past*

Well, I thought it was funny! Meh.


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