Kim Davis: A Devilish Woman

What a nasty little world we live in.

A woman has been let out of jail. A woman who is a nasty human being and should not be allowed to peddle her views. Why is she allowed to? Because it is a view based upon religious beliefs and that is how you can get away with being a bigot.

Kim Davis, a woman who has been divorced, refusing to let gay people get married despite that fact that the Bible frowns as much on divorce as it does homosexuality. But then again, religion is often used as an excuse for bigots. The same Bible that tells her that homosexuality is an abomination, also says the same about shaving facial hair, wearing clothes that combine more than one material in the mix, or have tattoos. I bet you a dollar that she had absolutely no problems with allowing those people to get married, oh no!

Like the majority of Christians (and other religions), she has cherry-picked what part of the Bible to obey. I wonder if she enjoys bacon? Despite her Bible banning her from eating it, I bet she loves to chow down on it.

And now we have people comparing her to Martin Luther King! A man who fought for the right of black people to live a life with the same freedom as the white folk. A woman who thinks she can buck the law and allow the viewpoint of a book to overrule the laws of her country. Kim Davis is fighting for the right to be a bigot. So not the same thing.

She said, “I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are a strong people.”

Whatever. Although you have to ask what kind of lame God would require people to rally behind him?

Kim Davis, you are the Devil’s right-hand woman. Jesus, if he existed, would turn his back on you.

People say it is Constitutional for her to have the right to oppose gay people from getting married. These same people would never think of saying that the victims of gun crimes shouldn’t complain because the shooter has a Constitutional right to bear arms. So why here? Because religion trumps commonsense.

If you are religious, you can get away with anything. Well, maybe not murder but you know what I mean. You have the Constitutional right to believe what you wish, but it doesn’t mean you can be a jackass by refusing two people to exercise their equally justified right to be married.


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