Out of the Closet, Into the Fire

For a long time, I never revealed my sexuality. Not because I was ashamed but because, quite frankly, it was nobody’s business. I am puzzled as to why so many people want to come out. Why? It doesn’t matter.

“I’m gay!”
“Yeah, great.”

I accept that for some people, it is still a stigma. They come from religious families. But you have to remember that your family loves you and in the majority of cases, they will accept you. Yes, they need time to process what you have told them but it doesn’t stop you being their child,

Slightly went off on a tangent there. Where was I? Oh, yes…

But as I grow older, certain things have clicked into place and what I once was, I am now not.

For ten or more years, I considered myself asexual.

In case you don’t know, asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to anyone. This is not like celibacy where you take a stand to not have sex for whatever reasons you may have. It simply isn’t a choice. It just is.

What I actually am is demisexual. This basically means that I only form sexual/romantic feelings after I have an emotional connection with someone.

And that is fine. You should never be frightened to be who you are. True, some people might not accept you but does it really matter? Being gay, straight, lesbian or transgender is not something that defines you. You are not another person because of your sexual orientation. If somebody you know doesn’t accept you for who you are, then you shouldn’t be friends with a person like that. Family is different but, hey, they are your family, they will still love you even if they can’t get their heads around it.

I didn’t really go off on a tangent. I was sneakily coming out and then changing the subject.

Did you note how I didn’t say whether I was gay or straight? Quite frankly that is none of your business.


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2 Responses to Out of the Closet, Into the Fire

  1. elegsabiff says:

    Demisexual, that’s a new word. I like words. Oh, and I am too. I just never knew it πŸ™‚


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