Blog About Sexuality

Sexuality is a strange thing.

I should say that people’s attitudes towards sexuality is strange. It really is. It seems to be a set of double standards.

People get hung up on what other people are doing, they complain about gay people kissing when they just ignore straight people kissing.

How often have you heard folks say, “It is Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”? You hear it all the time…if you listen to idiots on a regular basis. Of course, there is a response to that. That response being:

“It is homo sapien not hetero sapien.”

But then, we all set our own brand of morality upon others. This is not a bad thing, it is human behaviour.

Even those of us who believe ourselves to not be judgemental. We are so. We all are. Again, typical human behaviour. Don’t worry about it. Perfectly normal.

I have seen people deride Islam for their stance upon homosexuals and then these same people go on to say that homosexuality is wrong. Double standards again with a extra slice of bigotry towards Muslims. Betcha glad to be human, ain’t ya?

Peoples of the universe, please attend carefully because I will not repeat myself…


Did you get that? Good. Because it is absolutely true. It doesn’t matter. Your sexuality doesn’t define you. You are not your sexuality. You, and by ‘you’ I mean ‘we’, are human. Even you, Wet Eric.


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