Dreams of a Hobbes

The other night, I had this dream which consisted merely of me thinking that I was moving into a certain position to go to sleep over and over again. It was if my brain was repeating one dream sequence all night. An endless loop of sheer tedium.

This is weird for me because my dreams are usually about two things: flying a few metres off the ground or exploring a city. More often than not, they are one and the same.

For as long as I can remember, I have had the city dream. It consists of me wandering though a massive labyrinthine urban landscape until I wake up. It may sound very boring but I always enjoy them when I remember that I have had them. I have always loved walking around an urban landscape and these dreams play right into my hands. The city always looks familiar, with bit and pieces being taken from places I have been or seen in movies and TV. There are no landmarks although in recent years a river and railway stations have started to appear. The city is never populated except for the very rare occasion when it is, and even then it is never crowded. Whenever I do see another person, it is never good news. I wonder if this says anything about my mind?

The other trope of my unconscious mind is flying. I suppose this one is much easier identified. Dream experts say it refers back to when we were in the womb. I do tuck my legs up, embryolike, in these dreams, so it is a plausible explanation. But I’d hate for it to be merely womb wish fulfilment. It does beg a question though, why do I only fly a few metres above the ground? It isn’t as if I am frightened of heights. Hitting the ground and becoming a lumpy greasy stain, yes. Heights, no.

In truth, there is no point in trying to work out what a dream might or might not mean. Dreams are ultimately meaningless. They are the brain ticking over in the night, working through what you have seen and done during the day.

“I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there”
The Eighth Doctor, Doctor Who: the Movie


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All-round irritant, expert swordsman (loves lopping off the heads of ghouls), professional charlatan and outrageous wearer of black cocktail dresses...
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One Response to Dreams of a Hobbes

  1. Pip says:

    I disagree almost entirely. Dreams aren’t just ‘the brain ticking over in the night, working through what you have seen and done during the day’, they’re an alternative state of consciousness. When you don’t engage with them then they might be just daytime processing but they can also be a source of great adventure. I rarely fly in my dreams, but I do go interdimensional travelling all the time. I’m wicked at kung fu and I love taking out zombies alongside other epic adventures. I think a lot of people take sleep for granted but I’ve had some of the most amazing adventures asleep. I’ve been other people, and been aware of it. I’ve had great conversations. I can go anywhere. I can replay my dreams in as many alternative ways as I like. It’s like being in the matrix. That doesn’t mean it’s great all the time, but when it’s not it’s just like a horror film. I guess knowing when something’s a dream or not is pretty important to getting that one nailed. It might all be in my head but at least those 6-8 hours (sometimes all day) sleeping is never an inconvenience and always a joy.


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