A Female Doctor

Why do people insist on a female Doctor?

There is nothing wrong with the Doctor being a woman but I feel that he shouldn’t be a woman simply because he is one of the few male heroes that uses brains over brawn. Can you think of any others? Sherlock Holmes perhaps. At a pinch possibly Brains from Thunderbirds. Erm… And that is it.

It is all very well wanting the Doctor to be a female role model but the sex of the Doctor doesn’t deter young girls from looking up to him. I would make the point that young boys need heroes who aren’t just gun-toting muscleheads who kill or maim indiscriminately. It is equally important that the Doctor remains male for this reason. It is a proven fact that same-sex role models are an important part in any child’s development. As such, we should be making more role models along the lines of the Doctor rather than gender-swapping him.

There are plenty of strong female role models in Doctor Who over the years. Barbara, Sarah-Jane, Ace, Leela, Rose, Donna, River etc. In recent years, the companion has become the female role model. I would suggest that the companion is as important as the Doctor himself.

It is a good thing that young boys can look up to someone like the Doctor. A male hero who is clever, witty and brave. What better inspiration could you want for your child? In school yards up and down the country, we have young boys pretending to be the Doctor with their imaginary sonic screwdrivers. They are learning that you don’t need guns or muscles to be a hero because the biggest weapon is the mind, knowledge, intelligence. Is that not a fantastic thing?

I would fully support a female Doctor when it happens. But for the time being, we should all be happy with the rather brilliant Peter Capaldi.


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