Blog about Bigotry, Yahoo and Spite

As part of my email account on Yahoo, I have access to their comment section on the news articles. For a while, I simply watched and read the comments on various stories. But one thing kinda shocked me. The racism and sheer bigotry. Oh, and the disdain for human life. Lots of UKIP supporters too. In fact the UKIP supporters and the bigots are often the same people. I will allow you to draw your own conclusions from that.

Yes, I accept that a few of these are trolls hiding behind the safety of their computer screens and wooden bridges but the volume of the vitriolic nastiness is amazing. Is this how people really think?

Recently, it was revealed that 300 refugee lives were lost at sea in between Syria and Italy. Now, any normal person would feel dismay at this, surely? Not on Yahoo, they don’t. If their words were recorded instead of merely written, their tone would be crowing.

Above all else was a hatred for Islam and Muslims. They are accused of all being terrorists, rapists, murderers and more.

There are plenty of comments on their illiteracy from people who have the spelling ability of a two-year-old picking Scrabble letters at random.

Muslims are accused of breeding like rabbits and one user even said that, “Mussies are born to bred”. Besides the fact that every single living creature is born to breed, survival of the fittest and all that, since when have other cultures showed such a restrain in breeding? “Oh, I am sorry, love, I knew you wanted to try for a girl but since we are bulldog British through and through, we shouldn’t have more than one-point-two children.”

Their are also complaints of how they don’t integrate. I challenge them by asking how they integrate back, because it is a double-edged sword. One person told me, “I go to curry houses”. Yes, that is a real response. Mind-numbingly dumb in my opinion.

I ventured into this poison jungle under the name of Mohammed. I included a suitable profile picture and back history. British soldier, once employed for the Jobcentre, now in business for himself. One wife who is, as the bigots would say, indigenous. Supporter of people’s rights. Oh, and he is an atheist.

All of these factors was designed to get under the skin of the mean-minded Yahoo users. Troll clickbait.

On a story about the Muslim population of England increasing, I commented:

So people commenting on here have complained about Muslims not “integrating”. But I wonder how many of the people commenting about this have tried talking to someone not of their ilk? It goes both ways, you know.

And the responses?

From Old Man Wayne:

muslims will soon be banned from internet forums, thankfully.

f o paedo!

And from Clancy:

mohammed is your wife still in primary school????????

One bigot called Radiaitor wrote:

Why do these muslims do what they want to do in my country, i say good riddance to the lot of them , they are here to bred, insult our way of living and get rid of all the mosques that bred these cowards who hate us. What are they doing here none of them work. I say to nick clegg,ed milliband,david cameron they should go to spec savers and live in the real world and see what we all have to unfornately pass every day.

To which I commented:

Radiaitor, so hold on…

We are here to breed? Everyone is here to breed. Is is called life. Everything on this planet is here to breed.

Insult your way of living? Because all the indigenous population has absolutely no complaints about your way of living, right?

And we want to get rid of all the mosques? Erm, do we? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of being Muslim?

I despair of humanity…


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