Blog About Sadness

There is a famous quote that says “sadness is happiness in a black jacket”. If you pay no deep thought to it, this is true. But if you do pay thought to it, then it is not true whatsoever.

You cannot really quantify sadness. What makes the death of a spouse more terrible than the death of a pet hamster? Is the loss of a loved one more sad than someone crying over their favourite TV character dying? Sadness is objective and, we as human beings, feel sadness to different degrees. Nobody has the monopoly on being more sad than someone else. Some people feel less grief when their wife dies but others might be so floored by it that they never really recover and each day is simply an uphill struggle just to cope.

Sadness is happiness tied up and fastened to the railway tracks while a locomotive comes roaring towards you.
Sadness is happiness in a room of attractive girls who are laughing at you.
Sadness is happiness dug up out of the grave and smacked over the head with a shovel.
Sadness is happiness mugged in an alleyway for a few quid and half a Curly-Wurly.
Sadness is happiness falling down the stairs into a snake pit.
Sadness is happiness left alone to thoughts of despair.
Sadness is happiness in a crowd of people.
Sadness is…
Sadness is…

Sadness just is. You might as well try to herd a hundred cats than to define sadness, or impossibler still, try to discover what colour Wednesday is. It just is what it is. And, yes, I know that “impossibler” is not a real word.

I am sad
and you are sad.
This is true
and that is true too.

But sadness need not be something you suffer by yourself. Haven’t you heard of the saying “Misery is other people”? Sigh, but people do help. Spending time with others who share your problems, talking to them and sharing…it helps. It is all very well saying “Yeah, I am a lone wolf, baby. I don’t need anyone”, but there is no point in being a lone wolf whose sadness causes it to cry all day long. Really. Why allow those uppity pigs to laugh at your misery from the safety of their brick house?

Never be afraid to speak or share. You are never alone in how you feel. Others feel the same as you. This doesn’t take away from your own sadness but it good to know that you are not the only one suffering with certain doubts or problems or whatever.

You are not alone.

Erm, if you suffer from paranoia, you might want to ignore my last sentence. Sorry.

Be good to yourself. And if you know someone who is sad, be good to them.


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