The Myth of Equality

There is no such thing as equality.

Yes, controversial, right?

I should probably quantify myself lest people start throwing rotten vegetables at me in the street. Whilst I believe that everyone should be treated equally, I do not believe that everybody is actually equal to anyone else. I am not saying that men are better than women. I am not saying that women are better than men. Whether you are gay, straight or undecided, it doesn’t make you better or worse as a person. Disabled or undisabled, one isn’t better than the other. I am not saying that one race is better than the other either. Because they aren’t, they can’t possibly be better. By that same measure, there isn’t a worse race or gender or whatever to be. Although if you are an Oompa-Loompa, you are pretty much screwed.

Whatever you are, it doesn’t actually matter. It really doesn’t. You may think it does but nuh-uh, it doesn’t. We are all human. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts.

This morning on the BBC Breakfast News, there was a piece about how women should not be given prison sentences for committing certain types of crime like burglary or anything to do with drugs for example. The people campaigning for this mentioned how women may suffer abuse or neglect, and, yes, that is a terrible thing but abuse and neglect can be suffered by both sexes. We all can suffer bad things but it doesn’t excuse your crimes simply because that you are female. Now, think about this for a moment. Imagine a man stealing from a house. Now imagine a woman doing the same. Is it fair that women should get off crimes simply because of their fancy genitals? No. If we were living in a truly equal society, then it would be men and women instead of just women. Or instead of that, prison sentences for everyone who commits a crime.

It is racist to separate ethnic groups for simply having a different skin colour or because they are from another country. But it isn’t racist for someone of ethnic background to separate themselves and refer to themselves as being different because of the colour of their skin? It is still racism. Again, I point out that it doesn’t matter what your race is, you are human.

When gay and lesbians were given the right to civil partnerships, there was a certain amount of outrage. Their community were split between welcoming it and seeing it as a poor man’s version of marriage. This is fair enough, I guess. I can’t really speak since I am neither gay or lesbian. But then they got the right for actual real marriagy marriages with brides and grooms and really tall cakes! This was a great move. But then you got the usual pondlife sniping at this by saying things such as “why isn’t a civil partnership good enough for them”, “gay marriage totally makes a mockery of my marriage” and other similarly ridiculous things. These people think a civil partnership should be good enough, right? But if the government, overnight, turned all the marriages into civil partnerships, these people would be the first to complain. Suddenly a civil partnership wouldn’t be good enough. Hello, hypocrisy!

I think I may have lost my original point. But I hope that this has caused some food for thought.

We are all equal, not because we actually are equal, but because we are human.


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