The Capaldi Effect

During the recent series of Doctor Who, I noticed a new Whovian phenomenon. It was, as I like to call it, the Capaldi Effect.

I witness it happening among the Anti-Moffateers. As usual, they disregard anything Moffish. This is perfectly natural. Water is wet. Fire is hot. Moffat is rubbish. Everything you’d come to expect from this small but vocal sub-group of Whooligans. Nothing changed there. But now, faint praise comes via their appreciation of Peter Capaldi.

On an old episode of The Simpsons, Lucy Lawless is attending a convention. She is being asked questions. One comes up about continuity mistakes in Xena: Warrior Princess. Her answer is that whenever that happens, “a wizard did it”. This is the crux of my argument. Whenever a Anti-Moffateer sees something good on Doctor Who, Capaldi did it.

This may seem absolutely absurd but I have seen it happen.

Ooh, just thought of a joke. What is a Whovian’s favourite toy? A Whula-Whoop!

Ahem…sorry. Where was I?

Before, if you had asked them if they considered anything good about the Moff-helmed version of the show, they would have shook their heads and torn your fez to pieces. Literally everything was bad about the show. It would have been easier to get blood from a stone than to get a compliment from them. Hell, it would be much easier to get fish-fingers and custard from an Ogri…

I have nothing against people who dislike the show but it has come to the point where I am wondering if they are watching it simply to spite themselves.

A version of the Capaldi Effect, rather amusingly, started before the show was aired. There was an article about Peter stamping his foot down and saying that there would be no hanky-panky in the TARDIS. I recall more than a few of the Anti-Moffs crowing their delight about this, saying that this was a change for the better. Of course it turned out that this wasn’t true whatsoever. Both Capaldi and Moffat denied the story. The fact there has been no romance between the Doctor and Clara is mainly because it may seem a little icky to some viewers. Not that there is anything wrong with age gaps but when he is two thousand years older than her, that is just wrong.

Of all the reactions to Moffat’s version of Doctor Who, this seems the funniest. People are almost bending over backwards to compliment the show and Capaldi while being negative about Moffat and everything else.

So have you witnessed the Capaldi Effect? Have you committed the Capaldi Effect? Does it exist beyond my own view of the Whuguenot community or am I simply cuckoo for Coco Puffs?


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