Letter to DWM (2012)

I was going through my emails this morning when I found a letter that I had sent and got printed in Doctor Who Magazine. So I thought I would share the unedited version with y’all today.


Just read Des Langford’s letter (DWM 455) and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only person who started quoting the Tenth Doctor – “What? What? What?”

I fail to see how the show has deteriorated into being “incomprehensible”, “dull” or “dreary”. If anything, Steven Moffat has made a vast improvement upon the programme. Yes, Russell T Davies was great but the Moff has improved the series tenfold.

I found the last few Moff-helmed series completely comprehensible. It may require us viewers to keep track of what has happened previously but it really isn’t as complicated as it looks. I found all the stories straight-forward despite their so-called timey-wimey nature. My nephews, seven and nine, could understand them.

 How could anyone call the post-Davies series “dull”? Did Mr Langford not watch the same series as me? An asylum of zombie robo-men, lala daleks and a lonely souffle girl, dull? And as for calling dinosaurs unoriginal, would this be as opposed to the original subjects of time travel and aliens invading the earth? Didn’t H.G. Wells write about that sixty odd years before Doctor Who started?

Asking if the show should return to it’s roots is a moot point. I don’t think any of us would want the show to start following it’s original remit of educating children about history and science. The show has evolved whilst remaining the same show that started off in a foggy junkyard. And we should all celebrate that the show is safe in the hands of Mr Moffat et all.

Doctor Who has lost none of it’s originality, it is as every bit innovating as it was when it started in 1963. It is, as it always has been, fantastic.

I do agree with Mr Langford about Matt Smith’s Doctor though, he is a sheer joy to watch.

Bek Hobbes (a lifelong fan since reading the novelisation of The Invasion of Time)


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