Public Racism: Hatred Towards Muslims, Internet Trolls Strike Again!

Malala Yousafzai (the Pakistani teenager who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban) will urge the international community to uphold human rights around the world during a visit to Scotland.

This is how Yahoo started a story about this brave Muslim girl. But how do you think the ‘great’ English public responded? Let’s see, shall we?

David said: “16 years old addressing world leaders
she got shot in the head, come over here for free nhs treatment
opened a library
now fk off”


Gazza Tompkinson Jihadist said: “Ugly £$%$ should be deported back to pakistain,along with her verminous family,LEECHES!!”

These are just three of the comments that have been posted by Yahoo users over the last ten hours. Most of them were good normal responses but those three…well not so much.

This leads me to this thought: Why are we allowing such racism?

The three comments have been left online for hours yet Yahoo hasn’t taken them down. Why not?

I totally understand that this is just the typical troll behaviour but I have seen these attitudes in real life, on the bus, on the train, walking past. Where do the insults end and the hatred begin?

England has had a long history of hating various foreign countries and cultures: the Dutch, the French, the Germans, the Russians and now Muslims.

I am just posting this to vent my views about the racists and trolls. Please feel free to comment here or to comment me directly at @greebobek.


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