Doctor Who and the Hypocrisy of the Fandom (updated-ish)

It seems that ever since Steven Moffat took over as the show runner of Doctor Who that a small yet vocal group of fans have been baying for his blood. They register their disgust of the episode within seconds of it airing, after it has aired and even before the episode has started…which shows amazing signs of prescience on their part. Premature venom ejaculation?

It got to a point where, because of my own enjoyment of the show, that I have started to doubt my own critical faculties. Could it be that I am watching the show through Rose Tyler-tinted glasses? Am I wrong? Are they right in suggesting that the show under Moffat is nothing but a big plate of cold vomit served with a side-dish of faecal matter? Is Moffat riding on the coat-tails of Russell T Davies?

Probably not. But still I wonder if my brains have been turned into soup by the shenanigans written by the Moff.

As such, I can watch any era of the show from the very first story in 1963 to the latest episode in 2014 and enjoy them immensely. I have gone on record as saying that their is no difference between ‘classic’ and ‘NuWHo’, and that is a position I would strongly argue for. There is no difference. Oh, you may pooh pooh me by talking about the wobbly sets, the Billy fluffs and the rubber monsters but that is beyond the point. And besides, good as they are, the modern monsters aren’t convincingly less fake. They are just more realistic. Um. This may seem like a contradiction but it isn’t. I mean that while they look more real, they also don’t look any less fake than, say, the Mandrels or the Nimon.

I love the show. Even the bad episodes (I am looking at you, fish people. Also you, Chloe Webber. And I am not forgetting you, Earth covered in forests). I have never felt let down by the show. I invest into it, as do many fans, but I do not take away anything but enjoyment.

I do sometimes laugh when Moffat gets criticised for showing the teenage Doctor in Listen when these same people openly applauded the secret origin of the Master in …., an origin which smacks of comic book origin stories. Both scenes, I might add, that I loved. Hypocritical much, guys?

Only yesterday did I come across someone who had a petition complaining that the show, The Caretaker in particular, was racist. No, really. They said, “The Doctor has ZERO PROBLEMS with Clara dating a white character, despite the fact that he had never met him. As soon as he meets Danny, however, he makes a number of racially coded jokes about how a man like Danny could not be a maths teacher, but must be a PE teacher. This perpetuates negative stereotypes about black men only being suitable for physical pursuits, not cerebral”. This misses out on the whole point that the Doctor disliked Danny because he was a soldier and that he was insulting the intelligence of anyone who would become a soldier. I note she didn’t have a problem with the Ninth Doctor insulting Mickey. Hello, hypocrisy.

They also said, “The Doctor is allowed to insult people, and be protective of Clara, but if this is his ‘personality,’ why no insults or wariness for the white bow-tied teacher?” Again, missing out on the white teacher’s resemblance to the Eleventh Doctor and the implication that Clara still holds a flame for him. Then our blind petitioner said, “All three delinquent children are black: first the two truant boys, then Courtney. Again, this perpetuates terrible stereotypes”. Wow, really? Forgetting for the fact that a lot of London schools have a high proportion of black children, is the show really trying to racially stereotype people? Uh…of course not.

If you’d like to read the whole thing, go here:

After publishing this on my old blog, a review of the episode picked up on all these things. Which only goes to prove something or other.


I have said to an Anti-Moffat ranter “why don’t you stop watching a show which you quite clearly hates?” She then gave a response which implied that I was a weirdo for even suggesting that she applied common sense and stopped aggravating herself with a product that pissed her off big time.

The show has had plenty of ups and downs. I doubt any fan doesn’t have their own favourite series. And the Moffat era, the Moffatian Years if you will (actually lets not), is no better and no worse than any previous era within the last fifty-one years.

And my critical faculties have not been dulled. I realise that now.


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